8th Annual symposium banner: reciprocal healing

Welcome to the 8th Annual Environmental Education Symposium!

February 24 - 26, 2022

The Environmental Education Collaborative is excited to announce that registration for our 2022 symposium is open! Join us for a multi-day event filled with networking and skill-building as you interact with environmental educators and education providers throughout Riverside and San Bernardino. Registration is $10 for all registrants.

This year’s theme is “reciprocal healing.” As we heal ourselves, we are able to heal the environment – and reciprocally, as we heal the environment, we heal ourselves. Our hope this year is to bring together educators, students, and community members to learn from each other and help each other heal after a very difficult year and a half. Featured workshops and speakers will be centered around the theme of “reciprocal healing.”

Highlights of this year’s symposium include:

  • A keynote speaker (TBA)
  • A special community day outdoors (Attendees may attend virtually or in-person)
  • Exciting virtual breakout sessions led by educators, students, and community members
  • Networking and collaborative opportunities with formal and nonformal educators
  • Updates on the Environmental Education Collaborative


All Registrants

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Reach out to Vanida Ngeam at vngeam@energycoalition.org or fill out the form below:

Would your organization like to sponsor?

Is your organization interested in sponsoring the Environmental Education Symposium? For full details about symposium sponsorships, or to send a check, please see the sponsor letter. An EEC representative will reach out with further details once we receive your sponsor payment.

  • Title Sponsor – $1000
  • Co-Sponsor – $500
  • Program Sponsor – $300
  • Corporate Sponsor – $200
  • Non-Profit Sponsor – $100

All proceeds from sponsorships will go toward the cost of our symposium platform and for other EEC operations run by our volunteer board. We thank you in advance for your support in bringing resources to environmental educators across Riverside and San Bernardino.

Check out this year's lineup of workshop sessions!

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